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Family Owned and Operated for Over 16 Years

Electric guitars, drums, trumpet, saxophones, and more Electric guitars, symbals, and tamborine


A musical instrument is one of the most complex and valuable pieces of property that many people own. No matter what type of instrument you play, from a rock band to a school band, Cash in a Dash Pawn Shop buys and sells quality used pieces.

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Is your old high school instrument collecting dust in your closet? Turn it into cash and give a new young musician the chance to learn! Our inventory is always changing, so contact us if you are looking for something specific or if you aren't sure if we'd be interested in your piece.

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Contemporary instruments

- Guitars

- Drum sets

- Basses

School band and classical instruments

- Brass

- Strings


- Amplifiers

- Speaker systems

- DJ equipment

Need cash but not ready to let go? We offer pawn loans against your instrument or other musical equipment.

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In addition to instruments, we also offer electronics, jewelry, and even firearms.