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Jewelry is not only a beautiful and thoughtful gift, but a timeless investment. Precious metals, gems, and more hold their shape and their value through the decades. Cash in a Dash Pawn Shop is here to give you cash value for your pieces, or help you find a new addition to your wardrobe.

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At Cash in a Dash Pawn Shop, we have the widest selection you'll find outside a jewelry shop or a department store - and at a fraction of the price for the same quality of pieces.


Whether you are looking for a special gift, a new accessory for yourself or cash for your old or broken pieces, our experienced staff makes your visit to our store easy and low pressure. We offer pieces for men and women.

Some of what we offer

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- Precious metals

  - Gold

  - Silver

- Gems

  - Diamonds

- Engagement rings

- Necklaces

- Watches

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will give you an honest assessment of your piece and its value.

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You'll find both modern designs and antique and estate jewelry. We also buy gold and silver by the ounce.

We pay top dollar for your gold and silver.

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